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This pamphlet runs as a one-short or part of the Cerdo Cycle. Get all four pamphlets, handouts, poster-map and the patch on the RV Games Webstore

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CW: Police brutality and military violence.

Snag the Suit / Evac the Exec is an officially licensed Mothership RPG pamphlet adventure, and my August 2022 submission to the Follow the Convoy Jam & Hyperspeed Adventure Jam 2022.

The horror in this game was inspired by being more frightened of the basketball captain in s4 of Stranger Things than anything else in that show. Growing from that fear of abuse of unwarranted authority, call this Fascist/ACAB Horror, or something like that.

This adventure is a direct companion to Burn the Vermin on TAMA-81. Both are starting adventures in the larger campaign setting of the Cerdo Cycle. The idea for the bigger module is for players to choose one, and emphasize how their choice impacts the events within the campaign.

Check out my third Cerdo Cycle adventure, The Great Crossing Heresies, which funded on Kickstarter in November 2022! The fourth Cerdo Cycle adventure High Water Everywhere was a Stretch Goal in this KS campaign.


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