Do you trust these Androids? A sinister setting, storefront and adventure pamphlet for MothershipRPG.
12 writers, 16 pages. QuIIC is a collection of scientific abstracts featuring the Master Skills from MothershipRPG.
An in-universe pamphlet of weirdo Mercenaries to add to your Mothership RPG game.
Role Playing
Need a new Android on deck? Check out Proxi MT's wares! An in-universe zine for Mothership RPG
An in-universe 8pg zine for MothershipRPG: A Rimwise missive warning of the alien horrors that the Company denies exist.
Awakened from Extended Cryosleep to face disaster. Character Background Generator and Setting Options for Mothership RPG
Stranded at Marcion's Abbey during a Storm, discover the heresies of the Defenders of God's Gate, at your own peril...
Can you survive the alien terrors lurking in Slate River? A delta creature-feature hexcrawl for your space horror game.
A Company man is trying to escape TAMA-81. Will you Snag the Suit or Evac the Exec? A Hyperspeed 2022 Jam submission.
Xeno Vermin threaten to infest TAMA-81 all over again. Locate. Isolate. GAMMA BURN. A Mothership RPG pamphlet adventure.

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