Become the mutant in this biopunk facility-crawl zine for Mothership RPG.
Awakened from Extended Cryosleep to face disaster. Character Background Generator and Setting Options for Mothership RPG
A free interactive terminal for use with Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones, a Mothership RPG adventure
Role Playing
Play in browser
Push the limits of space in this boon/bane hack of Mothership RPG's Panic Engine
Do you trust these Androids? A sinister setting, storefront and adventure pamphlet for MothershipRPG.

In-Universe Mothership zines by ChrisAir

ChrisAir Mothership modules Published by RV Games

Mitosis: Escape from STAR Station is Published by RV Games. Buy the full-color Physical+PDF on the RV Games Webstore . If you're looking for a digital-only copies of the full game , they are available on Drive-Thru RPG . You can soon order...

Jam Submissions

All Mothership Modules on

Click Collection Title for non-itch Mothership modules. Contact me if your module is missing from this collection. I've tried to collate all Mothership modules available on here in this collection, and have provided additional info...

Voices of the Void 2022, Lo-Fi Zine Jam for Mothership RPG

Tuesday Knight Games hosted the VotV 2022 Lo-fi Zine Jam, and sells physical+PDF copies of all these zines and 23 more missing from this list on their webstore: